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Hampton, New Brunswick is the nicest town going. Being a rather small town, we are closely knit, and work together to improve health, education, sporting opportunities, and so on. We have programs such as ProKids, which provide sporting goods and chances to kids in need. We also now have a "8 weeks of wellness", which is 8 weeks of fun, healthy activities organized by community members, and with many participants. We have town-wide yard sales, and fundraisers. While Hampton works to help locally, that is not our limit. We try to help in which ever way we can. The high school is partnered with Piggs-Peak High School, in Swaziland, Africa, and many community members have traveled over to help build schools, wells, and much more. This program is known as the Star-Fish Program. Hampton has also worked together to raise money to help countries is need, such as Haiti. There are numerous other examples, but the end result is that we really work together as a community, and as one. Winning the BBQ Town contest would be a fun and, to be blunt, very deserved reward and celebration of everything Hamptonians have done for each other, and people all over the world. Thank you for taking you time and reading this. I truly believe Hampton deserves to win this contest!


Michelle Brenton | Hampton

What a fantastic description, Madeline! You certainly have an excellent perception of where we live - thanks for sharing!

Virginia Stites | Hampton

To illustrate what kind of town Hampton is, I had the following happen to me. The other night I found a note in my mailbox from the delivery person. Apparently I had been a little short on the postage on a packet I had mailed so she left me a note and a receipt saying that she had paid it for me so that there would not be a delay and that I could just leave the money in my box.

I had owed 77 cents so I left a loonie and her note in the mail box to repay her.

Today I checked my box and there was 23 cents sitting there.

I don't know her personally and thought it was really sweet of her to do, trusting that I would pay up!

Janetta Bertin | Hampton

Awesome to call it 'Home'!

Gena Fowler | Hampton

We really do live in a great part of the country. What a community!


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