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FileMobile - Error


An error occured on one of our servers, causing you to see this page.

Help us fix this issue - email us the information to fix it.

If you do not have mail set up to work with your browser, copy and paste the following, and email it to nz-ops-ca@newzulu.com

Error: exception 'Sabre_Template_RuntimeException' with message 'Media file not found!' in /home/filemobile/sabretooth/lib/FMModule/MediaDetail.php:144
Stack trace:
#0 /home/filemobile/sabretooth/lib/Sabre/Template/Component.php(15): FMModule_MediaDetail->init()
#1 /home/filemobile/sabretooth/lib/FileMobile/Application/Generic.php(235): Sabre_Template_Component->exec()
#2 /home/filemobile/sabretooth/lib/FileMobile/Application/Generic.php(88): FileMobile_Application_Generic->subView('mediadetail')
#3 /home/filemobile/sabretooth/lib/FileMobile/Application/Generic.php(68): FileMobile_Application_Generic->view('/mediadetail/')
#4 /home/filemobile/sabretooth/applications/vhostloader.php(140): FileMobile_Application_Generic->exec()
#5 {main}
Cookies: Array

The OS and Browser: Array
    [0] => UnKnown
    [1] => UnKnown
    [2] => UnKnown

Time: 2016:May:29 17:04:09

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