We're here to help answer questions about the President's Choice® BBQTown Tour.

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Why do I have to sign in and login?

President's Choice® BBQTown wants to make you feel like you're part of their online community. By signing up, this allows you to come back any time to check on your community and boost momentum by commenting and sharing the excitement with your friends. You can also size up the competition and see what's happening on their community wall. It's simple: connect using your Facebook account OR sign up using an email address.

Why Facebook?

When you use your Facebook account to connect to www.foodnetwork.ca/pc, you can make the most of your President's Choice® BBQTown experience. In addition to nominating your community and uploading content, you can invite friends, share your activities to gain more support for your community and be that much closer to making the Top 20. Make the most of your President's Choice® BBQTown experience by connecting via Facebook!

How do I sign up with Facebook?

On the homepage at www.foodnetwork.ca/pc, click the blue 'Login with Facebook' button. The first time you try to connect your account to this website, you will see a 'Request for Permission' screen. Click the 'Allow' button to connect. Don't worry if you forgot to sign in on the homepage, when you're ready to nominate your community the entry page will have the same 'Login with Facebook' button. When you return at a later date, simply click the 'Connect via Facebook' button to login.

Can I still sign up if I don't have Facebook?

You can still participate in President's Choice® BBQTown by signing up with your email address. In the bottom right of any page, click 'Sign Up'. On the email sign up form, provide your name, a valid email address and a 6-character password. Don't worry if you forgot to sign in on the homepage, when you're ready to nominate your community you can sign in through the entry page. When you return at a later date, click the grey 'Login via Email' button in the bottom right of the page.


I want to nominate my community, but it's not on the map. Why not?

We have pre-selected over 601 communities in Canada from coast to coast. This list of communities was determined by those locations that have one or more Loblaw stores and are within 150km of a major Canadian International Airport. If you would like to nominate an eligible community in your area, click here.

How do I nominate my community?

You can nominate your community at www.foodnetwork.ca/pc under the 'Nominate' tab found on the top navigation bar. Simply enter your postal code, click on locate, and the map will populate with the closest pre-selected communities. Hover over the pin and a 'Nominate' button will appear, click on the button and the entry page will appear.

When can I nominate my community?

You can nominate your community during the contest 'Nomination' phase which runs from Monday April 23rd, 2012 until Sunday May 20th, 2012.

I've nominated my community. What happens next?

A panel of judges will select the Top 20 communities who showed the most enthusiasm, demonstrated community spirit, home-town pride, and creativity. From the Top 20, Canada will vote on who they think should win the grand prize.

Upload Content

How do I upload content?

You must sign up first to President's Choice® BBQTown before you can upload content.

Where do I upload content?

You can upload content by searching for your community on the 'Nominate' tab. Once you've found and selected your community , fill in the mandatory fields on the entry page and click on the 'Upload' button. You can also get to the entry page via the 'Community' tab by searching for your community.

Why can't I see my submission?

It may take a few minutes to process your upload before it appears on the site. Please be patient.

Where can I see my submission?

There are many places where you can check out your submission. It will be posted on the homepage in the "Newest" tab. Get your friends and family to share and comment on your nomination and you can make it onto our "Most Popular" or "Most Talked About" tab as well! You can click on the "Gallery" tab and see all the 'Most Recent' uploads. On the "Community" tab you can filter out your community and not only check out your submission, but other fellow supporters submissions too!


When can I vote for the community I want to win?

You can vote for the community you would like to win during the 'Voting' phase which will run from Monday May 28th, 2012 until Monday June 11th, 2012. Be sure to spread the word and let everyone know to vote.

How do I vote for a community?

From Monday May 28th, 2012 until Monday June 11th, 2012 visit www.foodnetwork.ca/pc to view the top 20 finalists. You will find a "Vote" button under each community. Select the community you would like to win and cast your vote! Please note that only one vote per email address per day is allowed.

When will I find out if my community wins?

Come back on Thursday June 14th, 2012 when both the grand prize and runner up community winners will be announced on www.foodnetwork.ca/pc and on the President’s Choice® Facebook page. Once finalized, the details on time and location of each event will also be shared on these sites.

How is the winner decided?

The winner is decided by public vote during the 'Voting' phase from May 28th – June 11th, 2012 at www.foodnetwork.ca/pc . The community with the most number of votes on June 11th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST will be the grand prize winner. So make sure you vote to have your say!

My community has a small population, meaning less people will vote for it. How are you going to ensure the contest is fair?

Communities are encouraged to use all means possible including personal networks to ensure they drum up support for their community. We believe the community that wins will be a reflection of the effort and heart shown by that community, and not necessarily the size.

How do I get more people to vote for my community?

Sign up on Facebook and you'll automatically be spreading the word to all your family and friends to vote online. Get the word out! Talk to your neighbours, reach out to your local community centres and Loblaw stores, to encourage everyone to spread the word and vote!


What is the grand prize?

The grand prize is a BBQ event for up to 5,000 people with President’s Choice® products, family entertainment, the opportunity to set a World Record, stage shows throughout the day with headliner Hedley. On top of that, $25,000 will be donated to President’s Choice® Children’s Charity to support a nutrition program in your community! This BBQ event will be hosted in the winning community on Saturday August 11th, 2012. Check out our prizing page for more information.

What is the runner up prize?

The runner up prize is a stop on our President’s Choice® BBQTOWN tour which offers your community a BBQ for up to 2,000 people. The prize includes a BBQ event in your community, family entertainment, music and the latest President’s Choice® products. Once finalized, location and event details will be communicated on www.foodnetwork.ca/pc and the President's Choice® Facebook page.

If my community wins, where will the BBQ be held?

The BBQ will be held at an outdoor location in your community. Our team of event planners will be sure to research the best location (your recommendations are appreciated) that will accommodate all of the event elements and the expected capacity.

What's the difference between the 9 runner up BBQs and the winning BBQ?

Both the runner up communities and the grand prize community will host a BBQ compliments of President’s Choice®. The difference between the two events ranges in number of attendees; runner up communities will host up to 2,000 people and the grand prize will host up to 5,000 people. Only the grand prize event will feature Hedley and the attempt to set the World Record. The grand prize community will receive a $25,000 donation through President’s Choice® towards a nutrition program in their community.

What will you serve at the BBQ?

Many delicious foods will be served at the BBQ. Of course, you can expect some of the greatest President’s Choice® BBQ products hot off the grill! We will also be featuring a variety of flavours of ice cream found in our President’s Choice® Ice Cream truck. Many other products are still being confirmed to bring you fresh, diverse, and innovative items for you and your family to enjoy together.

Will there be any celebrities at the BBQs?

Our grand prize event will feature Hedley. More details around what we have in store will come soon!

When will the BBQs happen?

The President’s Choice® BBQTown Tour for runner up communities will take place on either a Saturday or Sunday between July 7th, 2012 and August 6th, 2012. The grand prize event will be held on Saturday August 11th, 2012.


How come you're only visiting a few communities this year and not coming to many stores like you did in the past?

For the President’s Choice® BBQTown tour, the objective is to provide a contest and prizing element that brings communities together. With that being said, we do have another summer tour that will be visiting many stores across the country, and your local store could be a stop on our “Checkout” tour!

We were so close to winning! Will you do this again next year?

The team here at Loblaw is truly hoping to bring this back again for 2013 and make it even bigger next year! Keep your eyes open next April to see what 2013 has in store for you and your community! As always, you can check the latest news with our products and promotions at www.pc.ca, “Like” PC on Facebook or follow PC on Twitter.

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