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by Rhonda Bernard

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Shirley Wood commented on Charlottetown 2012-06-04 8:40pm

I think we should have Charlottetown named the most peaceful 'City' in Canada. Cradle of Confederation, most beautiful scenery, excellent Seafood, all types of Restaurants ie; Asian, Chinese, Canadian, you name it and you will enjoy our foods to the fullest. Don't forget all our Heritage Landmarks. Excellent clean city, very friendly people and we open our arms with delight to visit Visitors'. I'm very proud to live in this beautifuly City.

Carla Hood commented on Charlottetown 2012-06-03 6:22pm

Vote for charlottetown,the birth place of confederation in 1867.
Go Charlottetown Go.
I was born in ch'town & I'm pround to call myself an Islander

Karen Lavers commented on Charlottetown 2012-05-29 8:25am

Go Charlottetown Go - come join with us in the Birthplace of Confederation!

Kelsey Doucette
Kelsey Doucette commented on Charlottetown 2012-05-06 11:44am

Yay for Charlottetown!! :D!

Kat R commented on Charlottetown 2012-04-26 7:30am

It would be so amazing to host the PC BBQTown party, it would be the hightlight of my whole year! It would be the biggest, bestest, most awesome party ever!

We love PC BBQTown and Headly!